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When You Have Suffered A Serious Injury It Can Be Hard To Know Which Law Firm To Trust

The unexpected has happened and you have been seriously injured.  Questions are swirling through your head.


  • How do you get your life back?
  • Are you able to work anymore?
  • How can you take care of your financial needs?
  • Is there a law firm that cares about me more than the money?

Tom Culmo is the lawyer you need to represent you in your serious injury case.  He is focused on you and your needs, and making sure he can get the best possible outcome for you.

Tom has been lead counsel in over 100 jury trials, obtained jury verdicts in 25 different counties in Florida, and has successfully represented clients in claims against major hospitals, large corporations, and insurance companies.

In the midst of a tragedy, the last thing you should have to worry about is if you can trust the law firm that will represent you.

Here Are A Few Of The Areas We Can Serve You:

Hospital Malpractice

Product Defect

Life-Altering Injury

Wrongful Death

Not seeing your specific case type?  Schedule a Consultation today and one of your skilled lawyers will review your legal needs.  

How It Works

You will be contacted by one of our lawyers who will assess your situation and review your legal needs.

Our Partners and their team will review your options and work with you to prepare a plan.

While your life will never get back to “normal,” we promise to work our hardest to get you past this legal hurdle.

Focus on your life after serious injury, not the legal process needed to get there. Schedule a consultation today so our team can present you with your best legal options.

I could not have asked for better representation.

After a product malfunction, I suffered a horrific accident that significantly altered my life. I knew that choosing the right attorney was essential to holding the manufacturer accountable.  Tom’s attention to detail, thoroughness and persistence were key. I could not have asked for a better representation.

Alexis Izquierdo

Tom will give 100 percent effort!

Tom is one of the most respected trial lawyers in our area, known for his integrity, diligence, and professionalism. I know and trust that when I refer clients to Tom, he and his team will give 100 percent effort.

Micky Maspons

As a lawyer, you may not focus on Serious Injury, but do not let that stop your client from getting the help they need.

Refer them to Culmo Trial Attorneys where they will get the legal help they need and you may receive a co-counsel participation fee when available under the applicable rules.